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Oxford Township, Erie County, Ohio USA

Regular Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2017



Vice-President Michael Parker called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

Roll call indicated that all Trustees were present, also present was Phillip David, Fiscal Officer/ Zoning Inspector, and Road Superintendent David Kelley.


There were no minutes to approve.


Melvin Rahaig, Strecker Road, was present at the meeting to discuss the letter he had received from the Zoning Inspector concerning “junk cars”. Mr. Rahaig said all the vehicles on his property are licensed and insured. He went on to say; they may sit in the same spot all year, but they are licensed and insured!

Mr. David explained to Mr. Rahaig that he shouldn’t feel that he was being single out; there was a total of nine letters sent out to Township residents concerning “accumulation of junk”, and “junk cars”.

After some discussion the Trustees thanked Mr. Rahaig for coming to the meeting and addressing the problem. Mr. Rahaig said he had often thought about attending the Township meetings, so he was going to stay for the rest of the meeting. The Trustees told Mr. Rahaig that the meetings are open to the public and they always welcome visitors and their input for running the Township.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth stopped by the meeting to touch base with the Trustees. He questioned if there was anything that the Sheriff’s Department could do to better serve the residents of Oxford Township? There was discussion about the rising numbers of drug overdoses not only in the cities but reaching out into the rural areas. He discussed the new medical marijuana drug laws coming in and how they may affect the local communities. Sheriff Sigsworth said that he liked to get out and meet with local officials to discuss any problems that may be affecting the community. The Trustees thanked the Sheriff and told him he always welcome to stop in.

Zoning Report:

Mr. David reported that he had issued one zoning permit since the last meeting;

Milton Ryan, 4911 Delematre Road, 10 X 16 accessory structure

Mr. David reported that he had received replies from seven of the nine letters sent out to Township residents concerning junk or junk cars.

Road Superintendent

Mr. Kelley reported that repairs to the vault door were finished; the new lock and dead bolt have been installed.

Mr. Kelley reported that Mr. Stewart and he had replaced two faucets in the shop. He said they had been leaking for some time; he had been turning the water off under the sink to stop them from dripping, so they finally replace them with new faucets.

Mr. Kelley reported that the recycle dumpster was back at Prout Station.

Mr. Kelley reported that they have poured the bases for the new sign in the outfield of the ball park. He said he was still waiting on a reply from Erie Materials whether or not they had any dirt for the expansion of the ball diamond infield.


Mr. Leber was absent.

Mr. Parker said he had met with the Groton Township fire committee concerning the long range relationship between Groton Township Fire Department and Oxford Township. Future ideas discussed were; a substation located in Oxford Township with a standby pumper/ tanker truck, cutting down on response time and aiding in areas were County water hydrants aren’t available. In the near future; the suggestion of installing more hydrants in the residential areas, this would aid in not having to go so far for water. Mr. Parker said long range planning is essential in developing a plan that will give fire protection and lower insurance cost to the residents of Oxford Township.

Mr. Parker reported that he had talked with Liana Wensink and she had said the Messenger was done and ready to be mailed out.

Mr. Stewart reported that he had attended the annual meeting at the Erie County Health Department. He said they had a nice meal, and the meeting was very informative. Mr. Stewart said he didn’t realize that the Health Department employed 100 people.

Mr. Stewart reported that he had talked with Bob Wensink, Wensink Farm Seeds, about the 7 ton roller that the three Townships were considering purchasing together. He said Mr. Wensink offered to buy the roller letting the Townships use it for the summer, and at the end of the year they would donate it to the Township as a gift. Everyone thought that it was a very generous offer by Wensink Farm Seeds helping to support the Township.

Fiscal Officer.

Mr. David distributed copies of a condensed report he had put together showing Receipts, Disbursements and Changes in Fund Balances for the year ending December 31, 2016.

A work session was suggested to help plan for the road projects for the summer of 2017. Mr. David said he would see that it was advertised.


Communications were reviewed.

Old Business

Mr. Stewart said he had talked with the fence company about a starting date for the outfield fence, he said he told them to figure on a May1.

New Business

Mr. Stewart moved to pay the bills in the amount of $15,487.87, Mr. Parker seconded the motion. Roll was called, with all present voting yes; motion carried.



No further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Scott Leber, President                                    Phillip M. David, Fiscal Officer

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