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Oxford Township, Erie County, Ohio USA

Regular Meeting Minutes

July 6, 2017


Vice-President Michael Parker called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Roll Call:

Roll call indicated that all Trustees Michael Parker and James Stewart were present, Trustee Scott Leber was absent. Also present was Phillip David, Fiscal Officer/ Zoning Inspector and Road Superintendent David Kelley


Mr. Stewart moved to approve the minutes for June 15th, Mr. Parker seconded the motion. Roll was called, with all present answer yes; motion to approve carried.

Guests:  Andy Dunlap, 12298 Ransom Road, Monroeville was present at the meeting. Mr. Dunlap, who is in the process of seeking a sewer permit for his new house, requested permission to tap into the road tile along Ransom Road. He said in order to get approval for his sewer system he needs an outlet for his perimeter drain tile. There is no other outlet other than the road tile for him to drain into. He said the perimeter tile only carries ground water from rain, no septic water.

After some discussion, Mr. Stewart moved to allow Mr. Dunlap to tap his perimeter drain into the road tile with the stipulation that Mr. Kelley be present to do the tap into the road tile, Mr. Parker seconded the motion. Roll was called, with all present voting yes; motion carried.

Zoning Report:

Mr. David reported that he had issued 3 permits to Ellen & Robert Wensink for an above ground shut-off valve site leased to Nexus Gas Transmission LLC.

Mr. David reported that the house at 8312 Patten Tract Road has been sold to an Elhaj Antoine. Mr. David said Mr. Antoine had called him about the yard conditions at the house, saying that he was having trouble cutting the tall grass, because his lawn mower kept breaking down. Mr. David said he told Mr. Antoine because the neighbors have filed complaints; he would give him two weeks to get the lawn cut and cleaned up.

Mr. David reported that Cindy Walker and Charles Rogers were granted a variance for an exception to not meet the minimum set back to a rear lot line.

Mr. David reported that Stacker Brothers will be building a new barn on the corner of Strecker and Ransom Roads in August, because it is for “agricultural use” no permit will be required.

Road Superintendent:

Mr. Kelley reported that they were done with crack sealing for now and he had started to mow road sides. He said that in about two weeks they were going to start doing some paving work using the paving machine that Erie Materials has for sale. He said being that this machine was bigger and more complex than the one they had been using, two men from Erie Blacktop would be working with them, showing them how to run the machine. Mr. Kelley said there is no doubt that the new machine will do a better job, he felt the problem may be in keeping it supplied with asphalt. He said they would know more once they start using it.

Mr. Kelley reported that he had to close Kelley Road because of high water during the recent rains. He said once again the water backed up because it couldn’t drain thru the culvert going under the road. Mr. Kelley said it all stems from the trash being caught up at the tile junction on the Spear property. There was discussion about what could be done to eliminate the problem of the trash building up in the tile causing the backup. The problem is getting Ron Spear to fix the tile, or the Township getting the authority to go on private property and fix it. Mr. David said he would contact the Prosecutor for an opinion on how to proceed.


Mr. Leber wwas absent

Mr. Parker said he didn’t have anything to report at this time.

Mr. Stewart/span> said he didn’t have anything to report at this time.

Fiscal Officer: 

Mr. David said he talked with the insurance agent about coverage for the new fence around the ball field and the roller being donated to the Township for its road program. He said both items would have to be added to the policy. Mr. Stewart questioned coverage for the equipment building and its contents. Mr. David said he would look into it. 

Mr. David reported the Township had received a donation from the Ted Wensink family for the use of the shelter house and park. In the note Mrs. Wensink said the park and shelter house were really nice and something the residents of Oxford Township should be proud of.


Communications were reviewed.

Old Business:

There was no old business to discuss.

New Business:

Mr. David presented a letter to the Trustees from the Erie County Solid Waste District describing the newly proposed amendments to the Erie County Solid Waste Plan.

The Plan amendments include;

  1. Increasing the Community Grants amounts
  2. Expanding Market Development to include grants for public and private purchases of recycled content products.
  3. Providing funding for the Erie County Sheriff to supplement the current Community Services program and for litter and solid law enforcement.

After some discussion, Mr. Parker moved to approve the amendments to the Erie County Solid Waste Plan, Mr. Stewart second the motion. Roll was called with all present voting yes; motion carried. 

Mr. Stewart moved to pay the bills totaling $5,930.89, Mr. Parker seconded the motion, roll was called; with all answering yes; motion carried. 


No further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Scott Leber, President                                    Phillip M. David, Fiscal Officer

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