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Oxford Township, Erie County, Ohio USA

Regular Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2013


President Stewart called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call

Roll call indicated that all Trustees were present. Also present was Phillip David, Fiscal Officer/ Zoning Inspector, and Road Superintendent David Kelley.



Mr. Parker moved to accept the minutes, Mr. Leber seconded the motion. Roll was called, with all present voting yes; motion carried.



No guests were present.


Zoning Report:

Mr. David reported that he had issued 1 permit to Thomas Wensink, 3715 Harris Rd. for an addition to his house.


Mr. David reported that he had received the notarized release for demolition from the owners of 4809 Delematre Road. He said he would be contacting Tim King so it could hopefully be put on the list of properties for demolition in 2013 thru Regional Planning’s “Urban Revitalization Program”.


Mr. David reported that Wensink Farms would be erecting a pole barn on a parcel located off Tyler Road and Campbell Street behind Chris Wensink’s property. He said they filed the form declaring it an “agricultural building” so no permits were issued.


Road Superintendent

Mr. Kelley reported that he had been contacted by Jack Farschman’s office about the planned removal of the NASA railroad spur that crosses Ransom Road and used to connect to the B&O railroad tracks. He said that a contractor for NASA would be doing testing for TNT residue in the roadbed and the track removal. Mr. Farschman suggests that there be a meeting setup to include Tim Lloyd from the Engineer’s office, the Trustees and the contractor from NASA. He suggested that removal of the hump in the road from the rail crossing be discussed with the contractor. After some discussion, Mr. Kelley said he would contact Tim Lloyd about setting up the meeting.


Mr. Kelley said he replace the rear brakes on the 1 ton Ford truck, and would be taking it to East Side Tire this next week to get the new tires put on.


Mr. Kelley reported that he had installed a tile along the west end of Wood Road at the second curve. He said Don Schaeffer had worked with him and allowed the tile to be connected into a tile lateral that drains his field running to the creek. Mr. Kelley said that the curve always lays wet and the constant moisture allows the roadbed to continually breakup. He said that the tile buried in a French drain will hopefully drain the corner and elevate the problem. He said he was also working on a tile on Livengood Road down by the woods. He said that a fiber optic phone line runs parallel to the tile so he is digging most of it by hand. Once he has located the tile he wants to get the County out to jet it and find out what or where the blockage is.


Mr. Kelley said he would be taking the 2002 IHC truck to Newell Equipment, Galion, Ohio on Monday to get the new snow plow blade installed. He said Kerry Jett from Groton Township was going to follow him down and bring him back, because he wanted to get some new cutting edges for his plows while he was there.


Mr. Kelley reported that the new hot water tank had been installed by Wilkens Plumbing and Heating.



Mr. Leber expressed some concern about the Kimball Elevator because the building is wide open. He said someone removed part of the roof so they could remove some equipment, and left it lying on the ground instead of replacing it like they were suppose too. He said besides being an eye sore, it is an open invitation for someone to get hurt. Mr. David suggested that they declare it a nuisance citing Citizens Banking Company because they were the ones who foreclosed and forced the sale. After some discussion, it was suggested that Mr. David talk with Sandy Rabino at the prosecutor’s office.


Mr. Parker reported on his trip to the Ohio Township Association convention in Columbus.


Mr. Stewart reported that the Sandhill Cemetery Board had met and one of the topics of discussion was charging for burials schedule for after 2 pm. He said the late services involves overtime for the cemetery crew by the time the grave is close and the area cleaned up. He said as of yet no decision had been made, so he would keep the Trustees informed of any changes in charges made by Sandhill.


Fiscal Officer

Mr. David reported that the 2012 Annual Report was finished and available for their review.


Mr. David discussed fire charges received from Milan Township dating back to December of 2012 that he had just received. He said that with the ending of the fiscal year 2012, they should have been forwarded sooner so they could have been paid in 2012. Also there were other fire call charges for January that he thought the Trustees needed to discuss with Milan Township officials. After some discussion it was suggested that a meeting with the Milan Township Trustees be arranged to discuss this matter. 



Communications were reviewed.


Old Business

Topic was discussed earlier in meeting.

New Business

Repair of the outside lighting on the complex building was discussed. It was also mentioned that two lights in the shelter house needed repairs. After some discussion, Mr. Kelley said he would contact Firelands Electric about getting estimates for the repair or replacement of the problem lights for the next meeting.


Mr. Parker moved to pay the bills in the amount of $17,357.57, Mr. Leber seconded the motion. Roll was called, with all present voting yes; motion carried.


No further business, Mr. Parker moved to adjourn.  



James W. Stewart, President         Phillip M. David, Fiscal Officer

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