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Oxford Township, Erie County, Ohio USA

Regular Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2017



President Scott Leber called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:

Roll call indicated that all Trustees were present, also present was Phillip David, Fiscal Officer/ Zoning Inspector, Road Superintendent David Kelley was absent.


Mr. Parker moved to accept the minutes for the March 2nd and March 16th meetings, Mr. Stewart seconded the motion. Roll was called, with all present voting yes; motion carried.


Jodie Hausman, the newly appointed Superintendent of Perkins Schools, was present at the meeting to discuss Perkins School’s upcoming levy in the May election. Ms. Hausman explained some of the changes, she and the new Board of Education have made to the education curriculum and the kind of new environment that they want the kindergarten thru eighth grade students to learn in. They believe that students should be entering high school with their career choices already in mind, focusing the last four years of their high school education, learning skills designed for their career pathways. Ms. Hausman stressed that their new directive for learning, which she and the new Board of Education are working toward, will benefit the students and the community by turning out people who are ready for the work force.

The Trustee “thanked” Ms. Hausman for coming out to their meeting.

Zoning Report:

Mr. David reported that he had issued two zoning permits since the last meeting;

  1. Melvin Rahaig, 3402 Strecker Road, 10 x 12 accessory building
  2. Edward Mitchell, 3316 Mason Road, 10 x14 accessory building

Mr. David reported that the Oxford Township Zoning Appeals Board was scheduled to meet April 20th for a variance hearing for Andy Dunlap. Mr. Dunlap has applied for a variance to exceed; “the maximum allowable square footage for accessory structures”. He went on to say that; Mr. Dunlap wants to build a 40 x 50 accessory building, along with a two car garage on his new house, which will put him over the 2000 square foot allowed in an “agricultural zoned district”.

Mr. David reported that after conferring with the Erie County Prosecutor, the Township Trustees are bound by the local zoning regulations. Only “governmental signs” are exempt from regulation, which are road signs, weight limit signs, and street signs.

Mr. David went on to say; the new sign designating “Oxford Slugger Field” at the baseball diamond, which was donated by Hermes/Parker Concrete, is a free standing sign, which is not allowed in a residential zoned district. Therefore he suggested that the Trustee’s apply for a variance to allow the free standing sign to remain at the ball diamond.

After some discussion about the new ball diamond, the sign, the outfield fence which is in the planning stages, Mr. Parker moved to apply for variances concerning the baseball diamond outfield sign, and possible advertising signs that may be allowed on the outfield fence, Mr. Stewart seconded the motion. Mr. Stewart moved to amend the motion that any fees resulting from the applications for the variances or permits be waved, Mr. Parker seconded the motion. Roll was called, with everyone voting yes; the motion as amended was approved.

Mr. David told the Trustees that the Appeals Board would hear the application for the variances concerning the ball park sign and fence at the April 20th hearing date.

Road Superintendent

Mr. Kelley was absent.


Mr. Leber said he didn’t have anything at this time.

Mr. Parker reported that a girl from Oxford Township had applied to be a volunteer firefighter for Groton Township Fire Department. He said to keep passing the word that they need more firefighters from Oxford Township.

Mr. Parker reported that he had talked with Liana Wensink and she had said the Messenger was done and ready to be mailed out.

Mr. Stewart reported that April 28th was the deadline for grant applications to Erie MetroParks. He said the April 28 is the deadline and May 13th will be the awarding of the grants. He said that he was working on the application; one of the things needed was a resolution granting approval for the application.   Mr. Parker moved the following resolution 2017-04-01; authorizing Mr. Stewart to act on behalf of Oxford Township, Mr. Leber seconded the motion. Roll was called, with all present voting yes; resolution 2017-04-01 was approved. 

Fiscal Officer.

Mr. David asks if there were any questions concerning the “permanent appropriations for 2017” that he had previously distributed to the Trustees for their review. After some discussion, Mr. Stewart moved to approve the final appropriations, Mr. Parker seconded the motion. Roll was called, with all present voting yes; motion to approve carried.


Communications were reviewed.

Old Business

Mr. Stewart said the outfield fence was on hold until the May 13th after the grants were awarded.

New Business

Mr. Stewart moved to pay the bills in the amount of $16,560.98, Mr. Parker seconded the motion. Roll was called, with all present voting yes; motion carried.

No further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Scott Leber, President                                    Phillip M. David, Fiscal Officer

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