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  Regular Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2018


President Michael Parker called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Roll Call:

Roll call indicated that all Trustees were present, also present was Phillip David, Fiscal Officer/ Zoning Inspector and Road Superintendent David Kelley.


Mr. Stewart moved to accept the minutes for the March 15, 2018 meeting, Mr. Leber seconded the motion. Roll was called with all present voting yes; motion carried


There were no guests.

Zoning Report:

Mr. David reported he issued three permits since the last meeting to;

1. Kevin Schaffer, 6012 Mason Rd. for a 6 X 28 front porch

2. Derek Guerra, 6263 West Mason Rd. - fence

3. Ed & Sally Clark, 2213 West Mason Rd. – pool

Road Superintendent:

Mr. Kelley reported that the air compressor in the new fire bays has been repaired, he said covered by warranty a new electric motor was installed on the unit. He said with the air compressor being repaired the fire bays were done and ready to receive the fire truck.

Mr. Kelley reported that the lawn mowers for Sand Hill Cemetery had been serviced and were ready for the new season.

Mr. Kelley questioned the Trustees about changing some of the scheduled road repairs. He said after Tim Lloyd and himself walked several of the roads that were schedule for tar and chipping, they decided for best results, the roads needed a layer of asphalt. He said the cupping in the traffic lanes wouldn’t be eliminated by tar and chipping, the only way to stop the water puddling on the roads was to put down a new layer of asphalt which would flatted the lanes and elevate the water pudding. He recommended that the Trustees check the roads in question. After some discussion, the Trustees asked Mr. Kelley put together a new list of road repairs so they could be evaluated. 

Mr. Kelley reported that currently two baseball teams had signed up to use the ball field for practice games.


Mr. Leber said he didn’t have anything to report at this time.

Mr. Parker said he didn’t have anything to report at this time was absent.

Mr. Stewart reported that he had attended the meeting held by Erie Metro Parks for those considering applying for grants this year. He said that they would pay for treated wood chips for a playground, but not for gravel stone because it wasn’t a recommended base for playgrounds anymore. There was discussion about the amount of work it would be to remove all the gravel in the playground. Mr. Stewart said he would work on putting together some cost figures for the amount of treated would chips it would take to replace the current gravel base. He said all grant applications have to be in by the April 27th.

Fiscal Officer: 

MrMr. David reported he had talked with Mark Smith, Assistant Prosecutor for Erie County, about the necessary process for selling any grounds owned by the Township. He said, Mr. Smith had said according to Ohio Revised Code 505.10 (a)(6) after a unanimous vote by the Board of Trustees, a property can be sold without going thru a bidding process as long as the property is sold at a fair and reasonable price.

Mr. David reported that Ed Stallkamp, 4011 Harris Road had stopped by the office to question if something could be done about water problems he was having.

After some discussion, Mr. Kelley said he would check it out.:p>


There were no communications.

Old Business

Progress on the Fire Bay was discussed.

Mr. Parker reported that he had talked with Fred Moffitt

New Business:

After some discussion, Mr. Stewart suggested that the Trustees hold a work session to work on plans for a new building that would house the road equipment displaced by the new fire bays. After some discussion it was decided that a work session would be held after the conclusion of the regular Trustee meeting being held April 19th. Mr. David said he would see that it was advertised.

Mr. Leber moved to pay the bills in the amountof$11,796.06 $, Mr. Stewart seconded    

the motion. Roll was called, with all present voting yes; motion carried.

No further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Michael G. Parker , President                                    Phillip M. David, Fiscal Officerp>

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